Gire Public API

Gire Public API

Customers of Gire can order Pickup and Delivery of cars (PUDs) using this API. The documentation should help you set up the integration. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]
Auth Api Token
For using our API you need to be a customer of Gire
You can get your API token from your customer profile logged in as the main contact/administrator:
Place the api token in header as: "x-api-token": <company api token>
We can also set up a dev environment for you for developing and testing. Please contact [email protected]
Create a new PUD
Create new PUD body example
"pickup_address": "Pilestredet Park 12A, Oslo",
"delivery_address": "Karl Johans gate 12, Oslo",
"pickup_postal_code": "0101",
"delivery_postal_code": "1007",
"car_model": "Ferrari",
"reg_number": "MB1234K",
"customer_name": "John Doe",
"customer_phone": "420000001",
"pickup_name": "Tor Fergunsen",
"pickup_phone": "420000002",
"delivery_name": "John Wick",
"delivery_phone": "420000003",
"pickup_datetime_from": "2023-10-25T13:00:00.000Z",
"delivery_datetime": "2023-10-25T18:00:00.000Z",
"reference_number": "ref-number-123"
Some restrictions you should follow to make sure that your PUD will be placed:
pickup_datetime_from must be forward from now (in the feature)
pickup_datetime_to must be at least 4 hours forward from now
pickup_datetime_to must be at least 1 hour forward from pickup_datetime_from
delivery_datetime must be equal or forward from pickup_datetime_to
delivery_datetime should be at least 1 hour forward from pickup_datetime_from
Opening hours
With Gire you can get you car transported the same day as you place the order every day of the week
  • You can book PUDs with pickup and delivery times within our opening hours 06:00-22:00 every day
  • On same day booking, the delivery datetime has to be at least 4 hours forward from current datetime
  • We need 1 hour timeslot for pickup time. Eg. you can book a PUD with Pickup time 08:00-09:00 and delivery time 09:00
Status Values
Status field can have next values:
- new
- delegated
- in_progress
- completed
- cancelled
- missed_trip
Why price = null ?
Usually the price is calculated automatically during PUD creation
But if we can't find the adresses, or we cant automatically find a public transport route to the location, we will set the price = null. Please contact us with more information regarding the PUD and we will manually set a price.
Standard Delivery Areas
Gires standard delivery areas are based around the cities listed below. This is where we have our driver bases and predefined prices based on zip codes. In the standard delivery areas we have a 4 hour delivery guarantee for same day bookings, and 1 hour guarantee for next day booking. Standard Delivery Areas:
  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger
  • Kristiansand
  • Stockholm
  • Copenhagen
We do also pickup and deliver cars outside of these area, but the prices are calculated by an algorithm that is based on travel time for the drivers. Also, we need 0-3 days to deliver on PUDs outside of our standard delivery area.
Get PUD by ID
Edit PUD
Get list of PUDs
Get list PUDs query params example:
Get count of PUDs for selected filters, returns number
Get count of PUDs query params example:
PUD Cancellation
Price Estimation
Price Estimation query params example:
Note: Please don't forget to use url encoding when you send any text as query params (like search, address etc)
We can also set up a dev environment for you for developing and testing. Please contact [email protected]
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